Pegleg Entertainment is the premier DJ and production company for the high school industry. 25 years ago, Pegleg Entertainment was formed to bring high quality entertainment to high school dances. Since then, Pegleg Entertainment has evolved to a 28000 sq ft. compound in Cerritos, that houses one of the most interactive offices for its staff and clients. Pegleg Entertainment showcases the largest inventory in the high school market with departments in sound, lighting, staging, furniture, props, video games, drapery, and rentals. While many companies are now trying to invest in the high school market, we are proud to say that we started in the high school market, have grown in the high school market, and will continue to innovate for the high school market. Since departmentalizing product and staff, our efficiency is unsurpassed, giving our clients the best results.

Pegleg Entertainment always strives to stay ahead of the trend. Dynamic event planning, creative design, and cutting edge technology makes Pegleg Entertainment the leader in high school event production.